Building, Renovations & Alterations

Pronto Steel and Building pride ourselves on providing our clients with all their building requirements.

For all building alterations, building renovations, building repairs, carports manufacture and installation, roofs, roof insulation and damp proofing.

Renovate exterior wall

Here we were tasked to renovate an exterior boundary wall.

We first prepared the wall by removing all crumbling plaster and damp areas. We then applied a special damp sealer plaster solution and allowed to set.

The final step was to prime and repaint

damp damaged wall repair
damp damaged wall repair

Create an archway in existing wall

We created an archway between two rooms

create an archway

Create a water feature / spout

Something was "missing" at this pool.

We designed, manufactured and installed this stainless steel water feature / water spout

create a water feature
create a water feature