Company Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement,

Pronto Steel CC has moved from strength to strength over the operating years.  The company aims to stay on our current growth path, but not exceeding our growth to that of a corporation.  Pronto Steel CC has enjoyed the relationships established with our clients, we are still in position where we deal with our clients personally, and believe that our exceptional service, our quality and turnaround time is what keeps us a step ahead of the rest.

Pronto steel, in the near future has great plans, that we are busy in the back ground to offer to our clients, a great specialised division, that will continue to grow the company and set us even further apart from the competition, and allowing our clients a greater advantage in resources and quality.


Pronto Steel CC believes in return business, without loyal clients the company would never have made it 23 years.  In order to ensure that our clients keep coming back, and the power of word of mouth advertising, Pronto Steel CC has and internal policy to ensure quality, Management and staff ensure this through many different internal procedures.  These documents are completed on a daily basis and are always readily available for our clients.  Pronto Steel CC has an open company policy and our clients are always welcome to come in, to check the status of their order, spot inspections, to ensure quality and lead times, or a cup of coffee when in the area.

Business Concept

Pronto Steel CC has three divisions that ensure that every aspect of what we have to offer is manned separately, allowing for our customer satisfaction, it also allows the company to bridge the different building and structure facilities, allowing Pronto Steel to be the best choice in your manufacture, fabrication and building requirements. The workshop is responsible for all the manufacturing and fabrication requirements.  We deal with the orders of material, the accounts with our suppliers and clients, as well as all HR requirements.  The workshop has eleven full times employees, which includes: 3 Boilermaker, 1 Semi Boilermaker, 3 Welders and a team which has been with the company over years. 

What the workshop is capable but not limited to:

Steel Fabrications, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel,

Assembly, manufacture, supply of material, fabrication, bending, drilling and cutting

Pronto Pro has years of experience with building requirements, being able to think outside of the box and offer solutions to building requirements, as well as access to many top players in the field.

Having access to a fully functioning workshop, many items are made internally to ensure quality and client requirements.  Pronto Pro internal requirements are done through the workshop in Brakpan.

Pronto Steel / Pronto Shade

Each sector of the company allows the business as a hole to be able to stretch across the different fields being able to offer a variety of expertise for any project.  By having each sector run separately it allows the company to treat each project individually: maximising productivity, ensuring quality is never compromised, and always putting the client and their needs as our only priority